A community-centered sustainability gathering

When you connect with the Earth, you connect with everything that is connected to the Earth.

One Fair is the Hudson Valley’s premier exhibition of products, services, technologies and ideas that promote sustainability, community health, and harmony with the planet; focusing on environmentally-conscious innovation, as well as empowering local communities to be healthy and vibrant.

A full-system approach to upholding the health of our Hudson Valley and our Earth.


A modern county fair, we bring together the best and brightest of our regional renewable energy and sustainability industries to showcase their work to the public. By connecting Hudson Valley residents with the creative solutions they need, we are building a strong economy, growing local businesses, and spreading information, making 3.8 million Hudson Valley residents aware that they have access to so many Earth-friendly products and initiatives.


Supporting the growth of our smallest economies, our communities and neighborhoods and households, so that we can rely less on an impersonal and destructive global economy.

Individuals are not separate from their environment, but rather they are an essential piece of it. When we heal our self, we heal our environment, our world. One Fair brings together organizations that help people live healthily and happily in their private lives, so that each may contribute to a sustainable whole. We empower our local community so that it may sustain us.

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